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Welcome to the world where elegance meets professionalism. Nails of America and Milano Nail Spa stand as two eminent brands, brought to life by the vision and unwavering commitment of Mr. Thai Tran. With almost three decades of industry insight, Mr. Tran has been at the forefront, reshaping the U.S. nail industry’s landscape with innovation and customer-centric approach.

Embarking on this journey, Nails of America was the initial venture, establishing luxurious outlets in prime, accessible locations, seamlessly integrating with renowned neighbors such as Target, Kroger, and HEB. The pursuit of excellence didn’t pause here. Inspired by a personal tour through Europe’s ancient cities and fashion capitals, Mr. Tran inaugurated Milano Nail Spa, further enhancing the scope and presence in the nail industry to meet the growing demand in bustling, populated areas.

During the uncertain times of the COVID Pandemic, both our brands robustly emerged as the top choices for numerous customers. Our unwavering commitment to impeccable hygiene, advanced cleanliness standards, and top-of-the-line sanitary equipment have set us apart, ensuring our esteemed clientele a serene and secure salon experience.

The overwhelming trust and support from our customers have propelled our expansive growth, leading to the establishment of over 40 spas during the pandemic alone. The journey of expansion continues, driven by substantial demand and untapped potential.

At this exciting juncture, we cordially invite new Managing Partners to join our ever-growing family. Let’s work hand in hand to elevate Nails of America and Milano Nail Spa to unparalleled national prominence, setting new benchmarks in the nail industry together.

Welcome to a realm where your beauty and well-being reign supreme. Welcome to Nails of America and Milano Nail Spa. Your journey of indulgence and excellence begins here.

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